Onsen refers to naturally warm water that comes from underground and is heated by geothermal and other heat sources. Japan is one of the world’s leading hot spring countries, and there are numerous hot spring resorts throughout the country. Onsen are loved by many people for their effectiveness in smoothing the skin, relieving fatigue, and treating neuralgia and muscular pain.There are many different types of onsen resorts, ranging from those that offer one-day bathing to those that are attached to lodging facilities. Onsen resorts offer a variety of facilities such as outdoor baths, bedrock baths, saunas, and Jacuzzis, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves all day long.However, there are some precautions and manners to be observed when bathing in onsen. For example, it is common practice in Japan to wash your body before bathing, rinse it properly, and cleanse your body before entering an onsen. Also, in the changing rooms and bathrooms, people are expected to keep their shoes, towels, and small items in separate places before getting into the bathtub. Furthermore, it is important to avoid talking loudly, making noise, and trying not to disturb others.Some visitors may be unfamiliar with Japanese onsen culture and etiquette. In such cases, it is advisable to research information about onsen and understand the etiquette and rules before visiting. It is also a good idea to ask questions of the local staff or ask other bathers. This will help you have a more enjoyable onsen trip.

From here, we will explain how to enjoy onsen and the manners to use them.

1. how to enjoy onsen

It is important to wash your body before entering an onsen. In addition, onsen may contain bath salts, but please do not bring any bath salts with you. Onsen can have a beautifying effect on the skin, so it is recommended to bathe slowly and relax.

2. etiquette before entering an onsen

Please observe the following manners before entering an onsen.- Always shower and wash your body before entering an onsen to make sure it is clean.- Be sure to rinse off any remaining hair, body soap, shampoo, etc. before entering the onsen.- Before soaking in onsen, wet your body thoroughly with water. This is to prevent the ingredients of the onsen from adhering directly to your body.- Before entering a hot spring bath, make sure to gather up your hair and remove your glasses and contact lenses.When bathing, it is advisable to enter the onsen without soaking your towel in the water.

3. etiquette when getting out of onsen

The following etiquette should also be observed when exiting the onsen.- Clean your body when you get out of the onsen.- After leaving the onsen, thoroughly wipe off any sweat or steam before changing.- Be sure to return the towels, shampoo, body soap, etc. used at the onsen to their designated places.- Avoid talking loudly or behaving in an ill-mannered manner inside the onsen facilities.- Bathing in swimsuits or bikinis may not be allowed in some onsen facilities. Check in advance.It is important to observe good manners at onsen. Some foreigners may talk loudly or swim in the bathtub. Onsen are quiet places, so be careful not to disturb others.

4. etiquette at onsen resorts

There are several manners to be observed at onsen resorts. First, in communal areas such as outdoor baths, do not splash water or wash yourself while bathing. Also, some onsen prohibit eating, drinking, and smoking. It is also important to respect local culture and customs in onsen areas.

5. physical condition

You may not be allowed to enter an onsen if you have consumed alcohol prior to bathing, if you are pregnant, or if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure. It is important to check your own physical condition and consult a physician before entering a hot spring resort.

6. precautions to take at onsen resorts

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can occur at hot spring resorts in Japan. In the event of a disaster, it is important to gather information from your accommodation or tourist information centers and follow their instructions.

Onsen in Japan are located in places rich in nature and offer seasonal scenery and food. Please enjoy Japanese culture and scenery to the fullest by observing good manners and taking your time.