Sagan Restaurant Shino Kencho Branch

Sagan Restaurant Shino Kencho Branch is a restaurant located in Saga City, Saga Prefecture.

Located on the 13th floor of the Saga Prefectural Office, this restaurant offers a panoramic view of the city. The restaurant is known for its delicious food made with local ingredients and warm hospitable atmosphere.

One of the most popular dishes is the Sicilian Rice.

Sicilian rice is a local delicacy that originated from a coffee shop in the center of Saga City around 1975. It is a high-carat dish of warm rice spread on a plate, topped with stir-fried meat and a salad of fresh vegetables, and finally mayonnaise. It is now a popular one-plate menu item at cafes and restaurants in the city, where customers can enjoy various arrangements, such as topping it with an onsen tamago (hot spring eggs) or original sauce, depending on the restaurant. The Sicilian Rice at Sagan Restaurant Shino Kencho Branch is a luxurious dish made with Saga beef. It is a satisfying yet elegant dish, and once you try it, you will surely become addicted to it.

In addition to Sicilian rice, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of other dishes. There are many options, including seasonal dishes using local ingredients and creative dishes utilizing local specialties. You can enjoy dishes that take advantage of Shino’s rich natural environment and bounty of ingredients. The Saga Beef Steak is made from lean Saga beef and grilled to perfection. Saga beef hamburgers are also popular. The hamburger steak is made with plenty of minced Saga beef and is juicy with plenty of juice.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is also attractive, with a calm interior and warm lighting creating a comfortable space. The restaurant is spacious and offers a relaxing environment. The staff is attentive and responsive to customers’ requests and needs, providing a pleasant dining experience.

Shino Kencho Branch is a special place for locals and visitors alike. It offers delicious food, heartwarming service, and the opportunity to enjoy the local Shino food and culture. Be sure to visit and enjoy their delicious Sicilian rice and Saga cuisine. The restaurant offers a menu that highlights the best of local ingredients and cuisine.

In addition, Shino Kencho Branch also organizes events and projects tied to local culture. Special menus and limited plans are sometimes introduced to coincide with local festivals and events, making your visit an even more special experience, depending on the timing of your visit.

Shino Kencho Branch is also an important place to interact with the locals. Through interaction and conversation with the locals, you will learn about Shino’s culture and customs. You will be able to deeply understand the charms of the region while feeling the warmth and hospitality of the local people.

Easy to access, the museum is located in the center of Saga City. When using public transportation, it is easily accessible by bus or cab.

Sagan Restaurant Shino closed once in July 2022 due to management difficulties caused by the spread of the new coronavirus. However, a new company was established by volunteers from local businesses, and operations resumed at the end of December 2022. The store is loved by the local community.

Restaurant with a view on the top floor of the prefectural government building “I want to keep it” “Shino” reopens in earnest with a new company.(Quoted from Saga Shimbun Co.,Ltd.)

Finally, a meal at Sagan Restaurant Shino Kencho Branch is a special experience, not only for the delicious food, but also for the local history, culture, and the warmth of the people. When you visit Saga, be sure to visit Sagan Restaurant Shino Kencho Branch and spend a pleasant time enjoying the local flavors and atmosphere.


13F, 1-1-59 Jonouchi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture, 840-8570, Japan


JR: Approx. 20 min. walk from “Saga” station

Bus: 1 minute walk from Kencho-mae bus stop.